Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Correct Reaction to the Fastpass+ News: Chill Out

Fast Pass and The Apocalypse

One of my favorite Disney fan blogs is also a must read for almost every Disney visitor, even though the title might be deceiving... The Walt Disney World Instruction Manual – The great information and value of is the subject of a future post, but today I wanted to refer their most recent article for a good read.

Many of you might be aware of many new Disney guest experiences, such as the new My Disney Experience mobile app, interactive queue's, magic bands and much more. My Magic + and Fast Pass + are included in this development.

Recently there has been much written, pro and con, on the forthcoming changes; but the negative reactions might just be a little over the top, and maybe being expressed much too soon.

So check out this link on and read about the current controversy.

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