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Starring Rolls is a Sweet Stop at Disney Hollywood Studios

A World View continues to help celebrate the second annual “International Hollywood Studios Awareness Week” from June 13 to 17, 2011. Initiated by Matt Hochberg of Studios Central (, Matt has encouraged his fellow bloggers, podcasters and fans to publish something about Disney Hollywood Studios this week.

Some of the best quick service meals anywhere in Walt Disney World are found in the street-side eateries in Disney Hollywood Studios. Starring Rolls Café on Sunset Avenue is one of favorites for breakfast, lunch and snacks… particularly pastry snacks and a good coffee.

It can get a little crowded in the building itself (and difficult to know who is "next") but you’ll eat outside anyway, which is one of the reasons I love coming here since I’m a people watcher. You get a good view of people coming and going in different directions. There are several dozen seats on the patio, but I often find a place on the edges near the sidewalk or above the sunken patio.

So pick what you want from the sandwiches and baked goods in the glass displays, and believe me; whatever you select will be delicious. Plus, your selection will very likely be good for two persons (especially the sandwiches like Black Forest Ham, Turkey Focaccia or a Whole Wheat Veggie Pita which are about $10 each. But also available here is Smoked Salmon (Lox) or Pastrami on a bagel.

Most people will stop here for the pastries, and also mini-pastries (I think they call this diet food). There is an assortment of cupcakes (a unique selection and very large), croissants (including chocolate) or a plain bagel. Plus Nestle’s Toll House Cookies and the Hollywood Brown Derby (which is just next door) Grapefruit Cake.

"Chocolate Peanut Butter and Red Velvet Cupcakes!"
by Christopher O
I think the prices are reasonable considering Disney. And most of the items you pick can be a “snack” on the dining plan; but the sandwich will make it the start of a “quick service” meal credit.

The coffee here is particularly good, which I'm sure is because Nestle puts their name on the product. You can get cappuccino, café mocha, espresso or some flavor additions for your coffee. There are also the typical cold drinks like water, soda, milks, juices, lemonade and teas. You can also indulge yourself with wine, which I don’t really understand unless it’s a “Hollywood” thing for a café. But maybe it goes with the sushi choices you will find on the menu as well.

Photos by weinert
The hours can vary, depending on the day and the crowd, but 9 am to 4 pm is normal. The attire is casual and the prices reasonable. It is a great stop for the whole family.

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  1. No trip to Hollywood Studios is complete without a stop at Starring Rolls! Love their desserts


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