Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Magic: Yes, Pull the Rope

Monday Magic – It’s Almost Like Being There, helps to celebrate the second annual “International Hollywood Studios Awareness Week” from June 13 to 17, 2011. Initiated by Matt Hochberg of Studios Central (, Matt has encouraged his fellow bloggers, podcasters and fans to publish something about Disney Hollywood Studios this week.

A World View is pleased to join with Matt for a second year to do just that… today, a hidden treasure in DHS. Below is a short video from a recent visit.

Right next to the entrance of Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular in Disney Hollywood Studios there is a sign you can feel free to ignore. What the area appears to be is an excavation site of a archeologist dig, with a rope extending out for you to grab and pull… and you should do just that.

If you listen closely before you pull the rope (note, the word “NOT” is crossed out, so go ahead) you can hear what sounds like people working below you. Once you pull the rope, you will hear the workers who are archeologist’s searching for their treasure, as they complain about your pulling of the rope.

Make sure you pull several times to catch all the conversation. On the video, it is a little difficult to hear, although you can catch most of what is being said. However, the parade that started up in the background didn’t help.

This is one of those hidden treasures at Walt Disney World that most people will pass right by. As it has been said by many experienced Disney Park visitors, stop and look around for the unexpected so you can capture the entire magic of the “World”.

Did you post or comment on something this week in a Disney Blog or Forum about Hollywood Studios? Let Matt know at And here is A World View's second DHS post this week, all about Starring Rolls Cafe.

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  1. That's hilarious...I'll have to look for it next time in Studios.

    New Blogorail-er stopping by to follow along.

  2. Glad to have a Blogorail Buddy stop by. And it is funny, I must have passed this 10 times over a few years; but until someone else wrote a post about it, I wouldn't have thought to do it myself.

  3. I love to pull this rope, especially when there are people around who think I'm doing something wrong, only to realize how cool of a gag this is.

  4. That is so funny! I love it! I've never tried it but next time I will:)

    Thanks too for the head-up about DHS, I'll join in!
    Deb @ Focused on the Magic

  5. I made my husband do this the on our last visit. He thought I was crazy & that cast members were going to appear to scold us. :o)


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