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A Great New Guidebook for the Disney Foodies in All of Us

If you haven't already heard about the Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining you should discover this wonderful resource before your next Disney vacation.

I am big fan of the Disney Food Blog. I check new posts every week, use it as a reference when preparing articles for my blog, and research options for every meal when planning for the next Disney World vacation. AJ Wolfe, among the most prolific bloggers in the Disney universe, has just published a comprehensive, interactive e-book that is absolutely a must-buy addition to your Disney library.

Now e-books are new to most people; and if you are like me, holding a paper book in your hand has a certain comfort level when searching the contents. But if you are reading this article, you are a digital reader. And if you click on any of the links, you will know how to move around the indexing to find a chapter or more in-depth information on a topic.

Even better, in most programs, using "Control-F" on your keyboard, you can locate what you want in a flash by entering a key word and keep following the trail. If you own a laptop, an e-book reader or a smart-phone, this digital guidebook becomes as portable as a hard-cover, but much more convenient.

The DFB Guide is currently 250 pages; but it will likely be added to and enhanced over time. By using the DFB Guide and the Disney Food Blog itself, you will always be up-to-date on all things foodie at Walt Disney World (and a lot about Disneyland as well).

Here are but a few examples of the content and section areas; and also below are pictures illustrating the easy to read layout.
  • Things to Know Before You Go
  • Stress-Free Dining Planning
  • Does the Disney Dining Plan Really Save You Money?
  • Dining With Kids; Dining with the Characters
  • Drinking Around the World
  • Introduction to (All) the Restaurants
  • Dining Recommendations; Do-Not-Miss Dining Options
  • Resort Dining
  • Top 5 Lists
  • Booking ADRs

This is some information from AJ's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the DFB Guide:
How will The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book be different from what I read in the Disney Food Blog every day?
The Disney Food Blog has been designed to cover an impressive amount of resource and reference information as well as Disney dining news and photo-filled reviews of every Disney restaurant. It will continue to grow daily, offering expansive information about everything that has to do with Disney dining. But when you’re planning a Walt Disney World visit and need expert advice and insider tips, you don’t always want to read dining news and information about the other Disney parks around the world.

We wrote The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book as an organized manual that covers everything you need to know about planning your dining and maximizing your experience when you’re in Walt Disney World. The book focuses on start-to-finish planning and execution as well as plenty of little details for how to make your WDW dining experience as stress-free as possible and full of incredible memories.

I’m planning my first trip to Walt Disney World. Will this e-Book help?
Absolutely. The e-Book includes a 5-step guide for planning your dining in Walt Disney World, which will have you squared away in no time.

I’ve been to Walt Disney World a lot. Why should I buy this?
There’s advice included in the e-Book that we haven’t seen published anywhere else. Plus, we’ve included sample dining itineraries, in-depth information about special events — like the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival — from a food-lover’s perspective, and hard-won details and advice for how to create even more memorable dining experiences in Walt Disney World.

Will you cover information about Walt Disney World dining with special diets, details about bars and lounges, dining with kids in WDW, and other in-depth topics?
The e-Book has extensive information on all of these topics and more! We even include sample dining itineraries for many different types of visitors and locations in Walt Disney World.

Will you cover the Disney Dining Plan? Will the focus of the e-Book be solely on the Disney Dining Plan?
We will be covering the Disney Dining Plan extensively — including breakdowns and calculations to figure out if it can save you money — in the e-Book. But that comprises only one chapter of the book (albeit a long chapter!). The book will be just as useful for those not on the Disney Dining Plan as those on it, and we also include an extensive section about money-saving options and dining discounts for those who have chosen not to use the Disney Dining Plan.

Will the e-Book include reference materials or resources?
Yes! But because this book is written as a guide, our overall goal is to include information that we’ve gathered from hundreds of dining-focused Walt Disney World trips — details that aren’t publicly available and that can help you have even better dining experiences. Because we’re packing the e-Book full of expert tips and advice, we won’t have room to include every menu, every food item, or a list of every snack in Walt Disney World. However, because this is an e-Book and not a printed book, we’re able to link to the best resources for that kind of reference information.

Will you make recommendations and suggestions for where to eat? What about how to get reservations for special experiences like watching the fireworks?
While my favorites change every day, we do include many suggestions as well as “our humble opinion” for dining options that continuously provide positive experiences and good value for both us and our DFB readers. As for special experiences, we’re sharing every insider tip we have about how to make your dining experiences truly memorable.

Will the e-Book cover dining discounts and ways to save money on food at Disney World?
Yep! We cover Disney dining discounts as well as discounts on other Orlando dining. We have a full section dedicated to our favorite ways to save money on Disney dining, including where to get snacks and drinks for free!
So it is time for you to enjoy this great new resource. Here is the link to purchase ($18.95) and download your copy of the DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining... I bought mine this past week.

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