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Columbia Harbour House has a good diverse menu, is spacious, and reasonable on the wallet.

Columbia Harbour House

Location: Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square, Near Haunted Mansion
Type of Restaurant: Counter Service
Disney Dining Plan: Quick Services, Snacks
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Food and Drink: American; No alcohol
Family Friendly: Yes
Cost and Value: Reasonable Cost ($$) and Good Value
Hours: 11:00 am to park closing
Seating: Inside; multiple seating areas, two floors
Dress Code: Casual
Reservations: No

When we're at the parks in Walt Disney World, some restaurants are just great for both lunch and dinner, especially when you're not on the dining plan. The food should be plentiful, tasty and presented in a themed location that begs for taking your time. We all have our favorites in this regard, and one of ours is the Columbia Harbour House.

True to its name, fish is on the menu… a fried fish basket, shrimp, and a tuna sandwich; plus Clam Chowder as an appetizer which is from New England, of course. The theme is evident by the 1700's and ocean-themed décor. The costuming of your hostesses is from colonial times.

My post today has many features to help understand your experience here. In addition to my thoughts, which are very positive, I've included links to several other web reviews of the restaurant and video I found on You Tube. We'll also describe the menu items.

You would assume this would be one of the busiest foodie stops in the Magic Kingdom, considering its location just down the road a piece from the parks most popular attraction, The Haunted Mansion. And you would be correct. So during the busiest times, it would be smart to arrive before and after the normal noon or 5:00-6:00 pm meal times to have the shortest waits. So if the park is packed, just avoid peak dining periods.

But in general, this is a very large physical space, with several different rooms and a second floor of seating. I believe this is also home to many of the tour groups (it was for the Keys to the Kingdom we took), so the expanded access was likely planned. I would recommend the 2nd floor since it a lot quieter than the downstairs and actually has a nice view of this crossroads area. And there also multiple entrances, so if people get a little crowded in one place, just move to another part of the restaurant and find another way out.

One of the most popular items on the menu is the Iced Tea, available as sweetened or unsweetened.

Here is one of the menus online, from DIS. The selection is actually quite diverse, and covers many tastes. For example, the soups and salads including a nice garden salad but also a "BLT Salad" with crispy chicken, bacon, egg and tomato. A bowl of clam chowder can be had here and also Vegetarian Chili.

The main dishes are platters. For example, Lighthouse Sandwich of hummus with tomato-broccoli slaw with chips or carrots as a side; and also the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich which is white tuna, lettuce and tomato on a multigrain bun. There is a Chicken Breast Nuggets and Fish dish, Chicken Breast Nuggests (choice of 6 or 8), a Fried Fish Basket and Fried Shrimp Basket, all with fries.

Side dishes include French fries or coleslaw; deserts include Apple Crisp and Chocolate Cake. The drinks are your typical selections in addition to their fresh brewed Iced Tea.

The main course of the kids meals including a chicken salad, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and peanut butter/jelly. The meals include two sides, from which you pick grapes, carrot sticks, or applesauce. Plus choose their drink of milk, water or juice. All for $5.00. You can substitute items such as cookies, fries or soda.

The decorations throughout are worth taking your time to browse, including lots of dark woods, remnants of shipping and the seafaring. It clearly is just like some of the restaurants I've visited along the Atlantic in whale watching areas.

Here is the video on the Columbia Harbour House You Tube Video by Aerhead, which provides an overview of the location.

I found many blogger reviews of Columbia Harbour House, which mostly echo the same theme of this being a good choice to eat in the Magic Kingdom. Also two user forums with guest feedback.
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  1. We love Columbia Harbor House!! We eat there at least once on every trip! Eating upstairs is a must!!

  2. Thank you Kelly, and I agree that upstairs is best. And readers, check out Kelly's blog - Disney Guru at


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